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Web sites of interest

Accident Reconstruction Newsletter www.accidentreconstruction.com
Bureau of Transportation Statistics www.bts.gov/contents.html
Car Accident Web Site www.stresspress.com
Department of Transportation www.dot.gov
Harris Technical Services www.flinet.com/~roadkill
Injury Control Resource Information Network www.injurycontrol.com/icrin
Motorcycle Tips home.earthlink.net/~jamesdavis/TIPS.html
NHTSA www.nhtsa.dot.gov/
NHTSA National Crash Analysis Center www.ncac.gwu.edu/
NHTSA Library www.nhtsa.dot.gov/main/library.html
FHWA www.fhwa.dot.gov/ohim
NiteMare's Nook, Trucking and Automobile Driver Safety www.netside.com/~bmeyer/index.html
Steve's Police & Traffic Resource Page members.aol.com/StevenW201/index.htm
TAAR-Safety Engineering www.idsonline.com/taar
TARO www.tarorigin.com
Transport Canada www.tc.gc.ca/actsregs/mvsa/tocmvs.htm


Computer Software

Accident Avoidance Analysis, ProSource Companies, 800-344-4776
Accident Reconstruction for Windows, Version 3.16/3.32, Maine Computer Group, 207-582-4576
Accident Information System, Viridian Technologies, Inc., 714-362-0263
  Accident Reconstruction Calculator, Steven O Wagner
Computer Assisted Accident Investigation & Reconstruction, Accident Analysis Publications, 717-443-4432
CRASHEX, Fonda Engineering Associates, 610-337-3311
EDVAP, Engineering Dynamics Corporation, 503-644-4500
Highway Vehicles Safety Database, SAE, 412- 772-7144
PC Crash, Macinnis Engineering Associates Ltd. 604-277-3040
Photo Modeler, Eos Systems, Inc., 604-732-6658
McHenry-SMAC, McHenry Software, Inc.
Rec-Tec, Reconstruction Technology, 800-225-3419
Larm2, ProSource Software, 800-344-4776
Probable Speed Analysis, Albert Knott & Associates, 303-936-3122
SLAM, ARSoftware, 206-861-4666


Governmental Agency Contacts

NHTSA Auto Safety Hotline 800-424-9393
NHTSA Crashworthiness Research 202-3664862
NHTSA National Center for Statistics and Analysis Information 202-366-1470
NHTSA Office of Defects Investigation 202-366-2850
NHTSA Office of Vehicle Safety Compliance 202-366-2832


Books / Manuals / Manuscripts

1987 Emergency Response Guidebook DOT P58000.4 USDOT
The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Today's Private Fleet National Private Truck Council 703-683-1300
Motor Fleet Safety Supervision: Principles and Practices, 4th Ed.,1983 National Committee for Motor Fleet Supervisor Training, Pennsylvania State University
Motor Fleet Safety Manual 3rd edition 1986 National Safety Council 800-621-7619
Stapp Car Crash Crash Conference Proceedings Society of Automotive Engineers 412-776-4841
Traffic-Accident Investigation Manual Vol. I, 1986 J. Stannard Baker and Lynnn B. Fricke
Traffic-Accident Investigation Manual Vol. II, 1990 J. Stannard Baker and Lynnn B. Fricke
TTMA Recommended Practices Truck Trailer Manufacturer's Association 703-549-3010
North American Uniform Out-of-Service Criteria. Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) 301-564-1623
SAE Handbook, Annual Society of Automotive Engineers 412-776-4841
Commercial Vehicle Preventable Accident Countermeasures Manual Triodyne Inc. 847-677-4730
Crush Stiffness Coefficients Neptune Engineering 209-297-1593
Traffic Accident Investigators' Manual (Levels 1 and 2) Charles C. Thomas, Publisher

R. W. Rivers, Author

Technical Traffic Accident Investigators Manual (Level 3) Charles C. Thomas, Publisher

R. W. Rivers, Author

Traffic Accident Investigators' and Reconstructionists Book of Formulae and Tables Charles C. Thomas, Publisher

R. W. Rivers, Author

Field Measurements and Scale Diagrams Manual Charles C. Thomas, Publisher

R. W. Rivers, Author

International Guide Book for Traffic Accident Reconstruction J.F. Mitchell CD, Author 705-739 -7737


    Accident Reconstruction Related Journals / Bulletins / Directories

Accident Investigation Quarterly 301-843-1371
Accident Reconstruction Journal 301-843-1371
ATA Publications & Services Catalog American Trucking Associations, Inc. 703-838-1700
Cargo Tank Hazardous Material Regulations National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. 703-838-1960
Keller's Product & Service Catalog J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. 414-722-2848
Impact Institute of Accident Investigators, 20 Nightingale Road, , Woodley, Reading, United Kingdom, RG 5 3LS
National Safety Council General Materials Catalog National Safety Council 800-621-7619
Professional Safety American Society of Safety Engineers 708- 692-4121
Safety and Compliance News National Private Truck Council 703-683-1217
Traffic Safety National Safety Council 800-621-7619


Catalogs / Indexes

Accident Reconstruction Index Accident Reconstruction Journal 301-843-1371
ATA Publications & Services Catalog, 1995 American Trucking Associations 800-282-5463
Crash ProFiles Criterion Press 913-383-2277
Keller's Product & Service Catalog 414-722-2848
National Safety Council General Materials Catalog 800-621-7619
Films for Highway Safety and Traffic Engineers U. S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Report No. FHWA-1P-86-25 December 1986. National Technical Information Service
Trucking Industry Equipment Video Inventory (Catalog of Videotapes) American Trucking Associations 800-282-5463



5th Wheel Macinnis Engineering Associates Ltd. 604-277-3040
Accident Investigation System Nikon 800-526-4566
Blaq Boxx Criterion Press, Inc. 913-383-2277
Calcu-Tape MTM Enterprises, Inc. 800-611-0785
Chartrand Ruler F. Chartrand Innovation Ltd. 514-264-4447
Crime Scene Triangulator Sonnin Inc. 800-223-7511
DReader Maverick Software, Inc., 2798 S. Fish Hatchery Rd., Madison, WI, , 53711
Data Portfolio MJC & Associates 616-344-3575
Grade Gauge, IPTM U of North Florida 904-646-2722
PolicePad Penmap Police Pad Technologies 503-524-3670
Race Technology Performance accelerometers
Radar Guns Radar Sales 612-557-6654
Surveying Equipment MJC & Associates 616-344-3575
Shock & Vibration Seneors Instrumented Sensor Technology 517-349-8487
Vericom VC2000 Vericom Computers 800-533-5547



AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 800-305-7233
Advocates for Highway & Automoblie Safety 202-408-1711
Alliance for Traffic Safety 816-543-4830
American Automobile Manufacturer Association 202-326-5500
Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine 708-390-8927
ATV Safety Institute 800-447-4700
Automotive industry Action Group 810-358-3570
Automotive Occupant Protection Association 847-215-9050
Automotive Safety Foundation 202-857-1207
Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators & Reconstructionists 403-458-4581
Center for Auto Safety 202-328-7700
Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance 301-564-1623
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 703-247-1500
International Institute for Safety in Transportation 516-485-0050
The International Institute of Forensic Science
N.A.P.A.R.S. 301-843-1371
National Association of Women Highway Safety Leaders 803-884-7724
National Coalition for School Bus Safety
Nation Institute for Farm Safety 314-882-6385
National Safe Boating Council 202-267-1060
National Safety Council 847-285-1121
Operation Lifesaver 800-537-6224
Society of Automotive Engineers 412-776-4841
Specialty Vehicle Institute of America 800-447-4700
Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists 713- 893-9673
VETA, Science and Experience in Traffic Safety Work


Consultants / Consulting Organizations / Services

Accident Reconstruction
Advanced Engineering Resources 919-387-8811
ARC Engineering, Biomechanical Automobile Accident Reconstruction 530-750-7872
CLI International 713-444-2282
Consolidated Consulting Services 800-683-9847
Clark Accident Reconstruction 941-455-2780
Robert Davis,Motorcycle & All Terrain 206-574-1624
Ergogiro - Human Factors Science 416-730-0785
Harris Technical Services 561-336-2279
Knotek & Associates
Exponent (formerly Failure Analysis Associates) 415-326-9400
James R. Loumiet & Associates, Inc.,Train 816-795-2420
Macinnis Engineering Associates Ltd. 604-277-3040
C. D. Pembleton Associates 301-843-0048
Renfroe Engineering
Renneberg - Walker Engineering Associates Ltd. 403-466-7709
Rudny & Sallmann Engineering 847-244-8868
Summit Engineering 803-732-7979
Technical Services 800-821-4587
Tire Consultants Incorporated 800-882-7006
Triodyne Consulting Engineers 847-677-4730
A. A. Vaitekunas 703-759-5411
Visual Expert - Vision Atention Perception
Wolf Technical Services



Services to Reconstructionists
Aerial Photography Aerials, Inc. 305-253-6838
Aerial Photography Russell Aerial Photography, Inc. 407-649-1991
Aerial Photography Custom Aerial Photography by ASP, Inc. 305-253-6838
Analytical & Forensic Associates, Inc. 205-536-2021
Animation 11th hour Animation 847-674-6007
Animation 21st Century Forensic Animations 800-460-2887
Animation Eyewitness Animations 800-942-2090
Animation ForDyn, Inc. 602-917-2725
Animation, Photogrammetry Forensic Support Services 800-875-2310
Animation N-IMAGE/JRR Associates 334-826-2932
Animation / VideoCD     Precision Forensics, LLC 888-306-8828
Animation Visual Sciences, Inc. 919-782-3030
Educational Courses, AutoSketch and Autocad LT training Richard Walsh 415-883-5033
Educational Courses Texas Engineering Extension Service 800-423-8433
Educational Courses, Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction University of California, Riverside-Extension
Educational Courses, From Crash to Verdict ProSource 800-344-4776
Exhibit Preparation Visual Evidence Company
Expert Transcript Center Triodyne Inc. 847-677-4730
Literature research Mouzon Information Services 734-662-9227
Literature research Research Unlimited 703-759-5411
Testing Faciliy MGA Research Corporation 414-763-2705
Testing Faciliy Transportation Research Center 513-666-2011
Traffic Accident Templates and Drag Sleds Walker Engineering Associates, Ltd. 403-466-7709
Vehicle Information 4N6XPRT Systems 800-266-9778
Vehicle Information Data Touch, Inc. 800-777-4481
Vehicle Information Motor Vehicle Data 216-963-0130
Vehicle Information Neptune Engineering
Vehicle Information Vehicle Information Profiles, Inc. 800-772-6032
Visibility at Dawn/Dusk Macinnis Engineering Associates Ltd. 604-277-3040

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